Off The Record is a full service Music Supervision company, specializing in the art of joining music to film, television, advertising, gaming and new media.
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Patrick Belton

Patrick Belton is a professional DJ and Music supervisor in Los Angeles. Originally from the cornfields of Indiana via Chicago, he arrived in LA in 1999. Since then, he has built one of LA’s most prominent DJ and entertainment companies (Dubgypsy), as well as spun tunes for red carpet events and helped place music for some of the hottest shows on television.

After completing a music supervision course at UCLA in 2008, Patrick joined Gary Calamar (KCRW) and the Go Music team. Here he has worked with Gary on True Blood, Dexter, House, Men Of A Certain Age, The Beautiful Life, Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards, Wilfred, MTV’s Death Valley and the feature film, “I Love You Phillip Morris” (Jim Carrey/ Ewan McGregor). Outside of the core work at Go Music, he has also assisted in spearheading the beginning of Go Advertising, where he has recently worked on such commercials as Purina, Chrysler, and Stoli.

In early 2010, Patrick began Off The Record Music with his partner/ co-supervisor Sanaz Lavaedian. Since then, Patrick and Sanaz have completed 4 films including The Giant Mechanical Man” (Jenna Fischer/ Topher Grace/ Chris Messina), “Animals” (David Dastmalchian / Kim Shaw/ John Heard),   “After Words” (Marcia Gaye Harden / Oscar Jaenada/ Jenna Ortega) and “Some Guy Who Kills People” (John Landis/ Kevin Corrigan).

Patrick is also a member of The Guild Of Music Supervisors